Special Education Basics

This includes posts about special education awareness, the importance of special education, the history of special education, etc.


Salary for Special Education Teachers

Have you ever considered working in special education? Perhaps you have a strong desire to work with students who have impairments or to improve their lives. Whatever your motivation, it’s critical to consider the pay for special education teachers while choosing your professional route. You might wonder, how much does a special needs teacher earn? …

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Continuum of Services Special Education Chart

The phrase “continuum of services” may be familiar to special education professionals, but what does it mean? Simply put, the continuum of services classifies the many levels of assistance and services offered to students with special needs. Let’s examine more closely what a continuum of services special education chart is and how it may help …

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Preschool Special Education

Welcome to the world of preschool special education! In this environment, we emphasize giving young children the assistance they require to succeed and flourish in the early years of their educational careers. Whether your child suffers from a developmental delay, a learning disability, or any other kind of special need, our team of specialist members is …

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RTI Special Education

Every kid is entitled to an education tailored to their needs and strengths. This is why RTI (Response to Intervention) is essential in Special Education. RTI is a systematic strategy for identifying and supporting students who may require additional support in the classroom, and it is gaining popularity in American schools. So, welcome to our …

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IEP Disability Categories

Have you ever encountered someone who learns differently or had a classroom challenge that left you isolated? Education might be difficult when you don’t fit the typical pattern, but knowing you’re not alone is crucial. Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) assist millions of students in helping them thrive in school. Welcome to the IEP Disability Categories …

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