Special Education Basics

This includes posts about special education awareness, the importance of special education, the history of special education, etc.


ESY Special Education

Extended School Year (ESY) is a program that provides special education services to students with disabilities during the summer or other extended breaks from the regular school year. ESY Special Education aims to help students with disabilities maintain their skills and progress during the school year and prevent regression or loss of mastery during the summer break. Student-specific …

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SLD Special Ed

“Specific learning disability” is what SLD stands for.  It is a term used in education to describe a particular type of disability that interferes with a student’s capacity to learn and process information in a manner consistent with their age and cognitive capacity. Students with SLD Special Ed needs might need help with academic subjects like …

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Special Education LRE

The setting in which a person with a disability receives education or other services that are most like the setting in which people without disabilities receive education or services is referred to as a least restrictive environment (Special Education LRE). The least restrictive environment’s objective is to offer assistance and modifications to people with disabilities so they can participate …

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Special Education Certification Texas

Special Education Certification Texas requirements are dictated by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The state organization in Texas in charge of public education is called TEA. The TEA is in charge of establishing educational standards and policies, carrying out educational initiatives, and monitoring school and student performance.  The TEA also grants teaching licenses, manages state and federal education …

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