Special Education Practices and Methods

This list includes articles about multi-sensory teaching, applied behavior analysis, co-teaching, differentiated instruction, inclusive education, etc.


Instructional Strategies for Special Education

Every day as a teacher, you have the potential to make a difference in your students’ lives. However, the task can be challenging when it comes to particular schooling. Working with kids that have unique learning requirements necessitates a different strategy, one that takes their strengths and challenges into account. However, you are not required …

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Inclusive Special Education

Special education is a crucial component that assists students with disabilities in overcoming obstacles and reaching their full potential. However, traditional approaches to special education have frequently been criticized for being exclusionary and insufficiently accommodating the different needs of all kids. Therefore, it is essential to move toward a more inclusive form of special education …

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Special Education Behavior Management

Welcome to the world of special education, where pupils with particular learning requirements necessitate extra care and assistance. It may have been challenging for you as a teacher to provide the optimum learning environment for your kids due to various behavior control problems. But relax; you’re not by yourself. This blog seeks to give you …

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Evidence Based Practices in Special Education

Do educational interventions and strategies that promise the world but fall short in meeting the needs of your special needs student make you sick and tired? Look nowhere else! Evidence-based practices (EBPs) will fundamentally change how we approach educating individuals with disabilities. Evidence-based practices in special education are not your typical teaching strategies; via extensive …

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Distance Learning for Special Education Students

Welcome to the world of Distance Learning for Special Education Students, where students of all ages are experiencing education in a whole new way! This move to online learning has brought unique obstacles for students in special education. However, with the right assistive technology and support, there is also the exciting potential for growth and …

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Technology in Special Education

Technology has drastically altered how we live and study and the profession of special education. As a result of developments in assistive technology and instructional software, children with special needs can now access learning materials and engage in class in novel ways. Technology has opened up a world of opportunities for children who previously struggled …

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Special Education Teaching Strategies

Teaching special education can be both demanding and rewarding. Engaging and supporting kids with varied learning needs require specialized skills and tactics. This blog will explore the latest and most effective special education teaching strategies that can positively impact your students’ learning journey. We will cover everything, from differentiated education to technology-enhanced lessons. Whether you’re an …

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Special Education Related Services

Special education-related services are an essential aspect of supporting students with special needs. These programs are intended to assist students with disabilities in gaining access to free and adequate public education (FAPE) and enhance their academic, social, and behavioral results. However, what are special education-related services, and how can they serve students with special needs? This …

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Peer Tutoring in Special Education

Welcome to our blog on Peer Tutoring in Special Education! As educators, we must provide our children with the necessary resources for success. This support may come from customized instruction or accommodations for students with special needs. However, did you know that peer tutoring is one of the most effective strategies to assist these students? …

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